AO3 Is Done!!!

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For my next assignment I have create my own modul or lesson plan for my pupils and at the same time promoting the use of ICT tools. For my situation, I have been given all facilities and teaching year 4 students. With such situation, I have planned out of using an ICT tool which being promoted and developed by the British Council. This online-base software is called as Story Maker. With it the pupil will be able to choose their own genre, characters, and story-way. Therefore, this software is really good in promoting the Personalized Learning and coping with Individual’s differences.

Other than that, to me, this software is very realistic and good in teaching reading and writing to the pupils. It also can be carried out in common Malaysian classroom’s timetable. So, we as teacher could really use it for our teaching and also use it as ICT tools to let the pupils to discover the uses and functions by their own.


ebook regenerate!!!

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Erm… as far i concern… Our ebook was modified for the best benefits of the user or the learners. We did adjust the previous version of it into something totally powerful as a tool of teaching.

What have we done? we did actually recap our power point to be a simple-like ebook so that it will be smooth and essential for the readers. we did adjust the colours for the wordings and background to save the difficulties of reading the ebook. It was awesome that we somehow find that this simple things makes big differences in the presentation.

Before this, we really crucial on making the ebook a colourful one in order to show the advancement of technology. But, now i realize that advancement does not mean anything when it does not bring any benefit to the user. Adios amigos!!! 

Week for perfection

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This week was different. We are doing our assignment three through out the full 3 hours. It was brilliant i think. This is because we could really propose ideas to each other between us and our lecturer. Therefore, both sides will have the mid-point  understanding and agreement own the outcomes of our product.

To add on, this session also allow our lecturer to receive feedback from us and our opinion which at the end will benefit both. Our lecturer had broaden the limit by adding in some new software to be used in our assignment. Isn’t that a good move? As for me i really believe that technology shouldn’t be limited as it will always grow and updated. So, i think our session this week was very beneficial and effective.

Personalized Learning

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“Learning in group, but achievement is for each individual”

With that quotation  and principle of mine. It really show that we should look in to personalizing the learning for our pupils. Therefore, no one will be neglected and being left behind through out the lesson. As if we are to talk about fairness, we should not let the differences as something we could really blame on when our pupils have problem with the lesson. We should always try to cope with it and make sure that all of them learn what to learn.

Most teachers does not take into consideration the pupils feeling and wills. Yes, few of them may seem to not to have interest with that lesson. But, what is the main reason? is it really their attitude? or it is because of the lesson. If we our self will be bored if we go to class but learn nothing. So… dive into their world and problem.. For sure, you and them both will be succeed.

Untitled TOPIC: If I am a Super Hero.

TARGET LEARNERS: Year 4 learners with high-proficiency.

LESSON OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to:

a) List down the characteristics of their characters.

b) Describe their point of having those characteristics.

c) Name their Super Hero.

LANGUAGE FOCUS: Noun and Adjectives(Tail, Ears, Big Nose)



1)    Teacher asks the learners names of Super Hero they used to and know.

2)    Teacher asks the pupils to describe the characteristics of the Super Hero.


1) Teacher shows a picture of a Super Hero and asks about the body parts of the super hero which are unusual.

2) Teacher asks the pupils would they like to be a super hero and create their own body parts to help people.

3) Teacher introduces the software to the pupils. “Build Your WiLD Self.”

4) Teacher shows few example of using the software to the pupils.


1) Teacher asks the pupils to start using the software to make up their own super hero.

2) Teacher tells the pupils that they must know how to explain the body parts.

3) Teacher facilitates the pupils’ work.


1) Teacher asks the pupils to show their super hero to their friends.

2) Teacher asks the pupils to explain the character they made to the class.


1) Teacher tells the pupils that we are all special and if we really want it we can help people.

2) Teacher inculcates moral values to the pupils.

Recapture (WTBAM)

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Who wants to be a millionaire is the focus this week. It is in power point form or i should say i ‘flash’ as we did it in flash form. Just using simple template from the net. The process… Em.. yeah.. if i could say “as usual”. Edit…. Publish… and use…. That all.

Now, about the presentation. Yeah.. i would say that they were a success for each group. We all did great job from our own experience i guess. And so is the feedback given. All are very helpful. In other hand, we learned something new approach of assessing our pupils soon in school. A much more comfortable and interactive way of doing it.

Using Games to Teach!!!

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Class : Year 3

Proficiency Level : Average

Enrolment : 30 Pupils

Focused Skill : Reading

Integrated Skills : Speaking, Listening, and Writing.

Learning Objective(s) : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

(I)  Put in correctly the items according to numbers of the species and the type of animals.

Language Focus : Nouns (giraffe, crocodile, lion, four, thirteen)


Activities :

– Teacher will group the pupils into 5 groups.

– Teacher will give 5 envelops to each group containing letters.

– Pupils need to rearrange the letters in the each envelope to make out a words (type of animal : e.g TIGER, LION….)

– Pupils then need to count the number of letter for each word in determining the number of species in the safari.

– Then, the pupils will use the game to fill in the safari with the animals given to them with correct number of the animals.


(As far I try much game for this purpose and my personal research, I myself would not agree with the use of video game in classroom teaching. This is clearly because games would not be able to inculcate moral values for the pupils which will be conveyed as “Hidden Curriculum” via traditional classroom style. I think this might be the reason on why the developed country doesn’t use games in teaching.)

The Myth and Legend Story Creator

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          This Myth and Legend story creator is good online software for teachers. This software enable the teacher to choose characters and setting provided to make up a story. This software also enable the teacher to put in some sounds. This would help the teacher to develop a story for their pupils in making the classroom more fun and enjoyable. I will use this software for the pre-reading level in my lesson plan as my topic would be focused on story time, which I find this software is the most beneficial to use. But, I am just hoping that this software could be improved as every function of it are limited so do the need of this software to be publish as offline software or at least result. This is clearly because teachers could not really afford to rely on the internet in teaching as not all school have the internet access and not accessible every time.